MD SkinCare develops and delivers innovative skin care solutions based on latest skin science technologies. With the cutting-edge scientific research done by our leading team of dermatologists, we formulated skin care products that will ensure that your skin can be in its best possible condition.

MD SkinCare delivers solutions to address key skin care concerns for everyone to achieve continuously healthy skin. You can defy the visible effects of ageing to have smoother and more radiant skin. Resolve your skin problems with our top 10 products that are one of the best in Malaysia.

Our skin treatment products have been proven to help skin conditions like pigmentation, fine lines, acne, and oily skin. Our products have a higher amount of active ingredients that are far more effective than over-the-counter products as they can penetrate beneath the surface layer of skin, treating the underlying skin condition. Thus, they are an effective treatment for your skin problems in Malaysia.

MD SkinCare products are produced in compliance with the Good Manufacturing Procedures (GMP) and the recommendations of the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). The above guidelines allow us to assure our customers of the reliability and quality of our skin care products.

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Based upon your skin concerns, we will recommend products to address your skin concer.

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For you to choose the most appropriate products in Malaysia to resolve your skin problems, you should first understand the current condition of your skin. By using products that are suitable for your skin, you can achieve your ideal results and healthier skin.

Your skin will be considered as normal if it is well balanced and hydrated. Normal skin type will feel smooth and soft to touch. People with this skin type will rarely break out, and their skin will not feel tight or dry after cleansing.
Dry skin is often identified due to the feeling of tightness that may be a result of a lack of sebum or oil in the skin. Although those with this skin type will rarely suffer from breakouts, signs of ageing like wrinkles and fine lines will be easily apparent.
Sensitive skin may be due to a multitude of factors, including environmental and sun damage. As sensitive skin can be especially prone to dry patches or inflammation/ acne, it is important that the right products are chosen. Using unsuitable products may result in the exacerbation of skin problems.
Oily skin is especially common in young adults and teenagers and is the result of an excessive sebum production. Those with oily skin will likely have a shiny T-zone area, due to the presence of more sebaceous glands there.
Combination skin is usually harder to classify, due to the two different forms of combination skin possible. One form is oily and normal skin, while the other type is dry and normal skin. As the name suggests, parts of the face are either oily or dry while other areas of the face are normal.
Acne is a common skin condition and can cause breakouts at all ages. It is characterized by pimples, whiteheads and blackheads. Acne scars are usually more difficult to treat without effective products.
Matured and ageing skin can be due to multiple factors like excessive sun & weather exposure, having a stressful lifestyle or even due to genetic factors.
An excessive production of melanin can lead to hyperpigmentation and melisma where there are darker patches on your skin. It usually occurs due to a change in hormonal levels or sun damage.

With the help of some of our top 10 skin care treatment products in Malaysia; you can be one step closer to having beautiful skin. Treat your acne scars and other skin care problems by using our effective products.

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Acne Control
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Pore Refining
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