5 Medical Conditions that Can Cause Acne Problems

Acne is the breakout of multiple blemishes, spots and pimples on the skin. The common areas affected by acne on the body is the face, back, neck, thighs and sometimes legs. There are different medical conditions that may give rise to the eruption of acne or in some cases make an already existing condition worse.

Medical conditions that aggravate acne may differ in individuals depending on the age and gender as well. Below are the different medical conditions that can cause acne.

Hormonal Imbalance

Different factors can cause hormonal imbalance in the body. They can range from diseases, diet, obesity among others. When these factors trigger the rise of androgen hormone, the oil glands under the skin grow and increase the production of sebum underneath. This causes the breakdown of cellular walls in the pores and therefore gives room for bacteria to thrive. In women, the androgen hormone is later converted to estrogen in the body.


There are all types of drugs in the market today that are designed to treat all types of diseases. These medications can give rise to an acne breakout if they have lithium and androgen content. These two agents have been known to aggravate acne by making the oil glands under the skin grow and thereby increasing the production of sebum.


Some studies have shown that acne can be hereditary and therefore passed from one generation to the other. These studies have not necessarily pointed out acne as a genetic disease but rather diseases that may cause an acne breakout once manifested in the body. Such diseases include but are not limited to obesity and diabetes.

Experiencing Stress

Ever had a zit pop up on a very conspicuous place on your face on the eve of a huge interview? Acne also happens to breakout in some people whenever they are under a lot of stress and experiencing high levels of anxiety. The production of excess oils can be triggered by high anxiety and stress levels.


This is a common factor and it often happens before or during menstruation. Some women may sprout a pimple or two but others may have a full blown breakout all over the face, neck or even back. This simply happens when there is a high level of estrogen hormone in the female body. The hormones will cause the oil glands beneath the skin to grow and thereby produce high oil levels that lead to an acne breakout on the skin.

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