Aloe Vera Gel & Why It Is Good For Your Skin

Top 10 Skin Care Products in Malaysia

There are many products in the market targetted towards skin care in Malaysia and many have proved their worth. However, if you are looking for a natural remedy, aloe vera is a good option for you. You might already know how aloe vera is good for the skin and how using it is very beneficial. However, have you ever wondered in what way does it benefit the skin and what exactly are these “advantages” they bring? Back in the day, aloe vera has been utilized for beauty and skincare means because of their efficacy and effectivity. It is even dubbed as the “plant of immortality”, because of its various healing and restorative properties.

The use of aloe vera has been favoured for centuries because of the convenience it brings. Why? Because you can actually grow your own plant in your backyard and harvest its gel!

So what are its different restorative and healing properties?

It has moisturizing properties

Aloe vera contains a gel-like substance within its centre which is packed with moisturizing properties. This gel gives your skin an extra boost in hydration without the heavy feeling of most cream-based moisturizers and it can also be absorbed quickly by the skin. Aloe vera is among one of the best choices when prepping the skin before putting on make-up to avoid looking dull and dry throughout the day.

It soothes irritated skin

Worrying about your sunburn? Get a tub of aloe vera gel and apply it onto the affected area to relieve the burning sensation. Aloe vera is known to have a cooling and soothing effect on problematic skin areas and also known to create a protective barrier on the surface. The gel substance is known to help the skin replenish the needed moisture to hasten recovery.

It treats acne

Another amazing property found in aloe vera is its capability to treat acne as it contains antibacterial and anti-inflammatory components too. These components are known as the Auxin and Gibberellins—hormones that are responsible for treating wounds and the latter for reducing redness and puffiness.

It improves the appearance of the skin

Aloe vera improves the elasticity of the skin thanks to the antioxidants found in its gel. These substances are vitamin C, vitamin E, and beta carotene, which are proven natural skin care agents for centuries. Aside from improving the skin’s appearance, these components also provide hydration.

It combats various skin conditions

Since aloe vera boasts in nutrients and minerals, the gel is also excellent in treating various skin conditions such as psoriasis, eczema, and excessively dry skin surface. Applying aloe vera gel to the problematic areas induces the wound healing capacity of the cells, thereby making the skin heal more rapidly.

True enough, aloe vera is a powerful plant that provides various healing and nourishing properties. Aside from being beneficial to skin, aloe vera is also used for aiding in digestions as well as in various dental problems as proven by a study due to its antiseptic property. It is no wonder that they gained so much popularity over the years!