Best Skin Care Products To Use in Malaysia

the best skin care product in malaysia

The skin is the largest organ of your body. Even if you may have limited knowledge in aesthetics, you must know the basics on how to take care of your skin. The numerous chemical products in the market may produce adverse results. Today, skin care has shifted to demanding natural products.


There is a huge demand for skin care products in Malaysia and the rest of the world. Many consumers are ignorant about the ingredients of the products they use. Others decide to compromise and purchase cheap and unhealthy skin care products.


It would be advisable to use herbal or natural remedies for skin treatment rather than strong chemicals. Skin is also a sensitive organ that can be allergic to some chemicals. Thus, it is important for consumers to understand the reaction of their skin to different products. Some of the best skin care products in malaysia are listed below.


Etude House Honey Cera Cream

Does your skin feel parched or tight after taking a shower? Or forms wrinkles, making you look older than you are? If you want to age gracefully, then search no further. This product is made from natural ingredients like honey, flower extract and is enhanced by ceramides and royal jelly to replenish your skin’s moisture.


Tea Tree Mattifying Lotion

The lotion is extracted from tea tree oil. The product regulates the moisture of your skin by opening your pores to remove excess oils. It is one of the best remedies for oily skins because it does not affect the moisture of the skin.


Saponifist Emulsion

In most cases, when you hear about skin care product, what jumps to mind are after-bath products. However, the first step to caring for your skin is using the right soap. Some shower products will leave your skin dehydrated, itchy or tight. This skincare product is eco-friendly and is not perfumed, which gives it a natural scent. If you want to have a refreshing shower and enjoy your bathroom sessions, this is the choice of soap to go by.


Dr Belmeur Clarifying moisturiser

The lotion is made from a variety of medicinal herbs, which maintain a balance between body oils and moisture. Some of the herbs extracts in the lotion are lime, rosemary and tea tree. Clogged up pores are opened to release acne-causing oils that accumulate in the dermis.


The health of your skin should be a priority when choosing products. Purchasing cheap products may be detrimental to your skin. Understanding the ingredients found in a beauty product and its effect is also essential when picking skin care products in Malaysia. Some chemicals are carcinogenic, and you risk contracting skin cancer by using them. Having the advice of a professional aesthetician plays a vital role in taking proper care of your skin.


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