Common Skin Care Mistakes to Avoid

You wake up with your skin suddenly looking dull, covered with acne or any other skin condition? You’ve probably been using the top skin care products in Malaysia in your daily routine but this still happens. There are different reasons why we experience problems with our skin. It can be because of hormonal changes, stress at work or simply because of skin care mistakes that we’ve been doing.

Over Washing Your Skin

Did you know that washing your skin too often can dry it out? We believe that washing often can help remove dirt and clean our skin, but too much of it can be very dehydrating for our skin. There are times that we use different kinds of soap every time we wash our face, hands and other parts of the body that may cause irritation or allergies.

It is recommended to simply follow a simple routine of washing your face before and after sleep. If you are wearing makeup, make sure to properly remove it before sleeping as it can cause pimples overnight.

High Strength Cleansers

Each of us has our own skin type and you must be conscious with the cleansers you are using. It may clean your face but can cause irritation if it is not ideal for your skin type. If you have a very sensitive skin, you must look for a cleanser specifically for sensitive skin. There are different cleansers designed for different skin types, so get one that is right for you.

You can look for reviews and know the experience of previous users with the same skin type as you before you make a purchase.

Changing Skin Care Products Often

Many people, especially teenagers, are always excited to try the newest products on the market. They want to try it out and see if it helps them. But the problem is, changing skin care products often can cause irritation on your skin. There are different ingredients added to the skin care product that might not be ideal for your skin.

It is always the best to follow the recommended time of the product. If you didn’t see the results you need, you are free to look for other products. It is still good to experiment with different products. As a precaution, you can try a small amount of the product on your hand and see if it causes irritation. If no irritation occurs, then you may continue using it.

Too Much Exfoliation

We all know that exfoliation is important to remove the dead skin cells on our face, but doing it often can your face and cause more problems. It is recommended to exfoliate once a week, so you can keep the smoothness and freshness of your skin. You have to make a schedule for your exfoliation to achieve the best results. Track everything on your desk calendar, so you’ll be reminded.

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