Comparing Western and Eastern Skincare Practices

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Taking care of your skin demands more than just getting your hands on the most expensive and best skin care products in malaysia. Building your skin care routines takes more effort than ever. You have to know your skin type to figure out what products you need to incorporate on your routine. Of course, knowing what particular regimen you will follow is crucial. For example, are you going to follow a western or Malaysian skin care routine? Are you going to use products purely from western or eastern brands or are you going to utilise both? Regardless, you have to first know the difference between the two before jumping out and starting a particular routine. Today, we will be talking about how western and eastern skin care routines differ from one another.

To help you get started, let us discuss more about these two and build your regimen for better skin complexion:

Skincare And Make-Up Practices
Westerners focus more on covering flaws using make-up. On the other hand, Easterners treat underlying conditions to fix the skin’s complexion, appearance and texture before proceeding to makeup. We can say that Western skin care practices rely more on covering, concealing, and correcting skin issues while Eastern skin care practices focus more on treating and alleviating the causes of unwanted skin problems.

Natural And Medical Practices
One more way to distinguish and tell apart Western and Eastern skin care practices is through the ingredients they are using. For Eastern skin care products, they rely more on timeless, natural ingredients like ginseng, snail mucin, tea-tree, mushrooms, and medicinal leaves. In contrast, Western products use more medicinal and pharmaceutical tested ingredients like AHA, BHA, isotretinoin, and the like.

Multi-Step Skin Care Routine
Eastern skincare practices are well-known for their extensive approach when it comes to their skin care routine. They go as extensive as breaking down their routine into a ten-step regimen whereas Western routines keep it simple and basic by only following a three-step routine.

Eastern skin care products tend to lean towards more affordable prices when compared to Western skin care products. The reason being for the cheaper prices held by Eastern products is due to the stiff competition in the market, so they always try to think of a way to sell their goods—and among them is making the items more affordable. On another note, Western skin care products and companies do not compete in is such saturated markets, thus allowing them to keep higher prices.

Easterners love being experimental and innovative when it comes to the products they are selling. They invent new products with new concepts, as well as formulas to suit various skin types and target different skin problems. In contrast to Western products, they only stick to the basic like marketing traditional creams, lotions, toners, and serums.

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