Five Genius Ways to Boost Skin Hydration

A dull looking complexion takes away all beauty of our skin. Even if you are using a ton of cosmetics to hide this dullness, this problem will not simply go away unless your skin is properly hydrated. When your skin lacks moisture, the signs of aging are more prominent and visible. It is also not helpful when you try to achieve flawless make-up when your base or canvass is not healthy.

But, fret not! You can combat dullness and dehydrated skin by taking note of the following steps below!

Hydrate Yourself.

First things first, drink an adequate amount of water per day. It is safe to drink at least two liters of water each day to ensure proper cell hydration and to avoid dehydration. Dehydrated cells are depleted of nutrients that makes the skin dull and void of life. Drinking water also helps in flushing out toxins that contributes to production of acnes and blemishes.

Use Sunscreen.

Another culprit stripping your skin of its moisture and life is harmful ultra violet rays emitted by the sun. Applying a trusted sunscreen protects your skin cells from getting damaged and deteriorating. UV rays also cause your skin to age faster than usual. Choosing a broad-spectrum and fluid based sunscreen is the best choice. Not only are fluid based sunscreens easier to spread, they are very light and gentle on the skin too. You would not worry about your pores being clogged anymore!

Face Mists.

Face mists are the best on-the-go moisture booster! It is highly suggested to keep a small bottle of face mist inside your bag or purse and spritz whenever needed—especially during hot, humid months or if the weather is extremely cold or dry. Face mists provide your skin an immediate hydration and can make you glow instantly and it feels lighter on the skin too.


One reason why the skin looks dull and unhealthy despite using a lot of skincare products is because of layers of dead skin on the face. Choose an exfoliate that is mild enough for your face as to avoid excessive exfoliation that can lead to an even drier skin. Dermatologists recommend using exfoliants that have fruit extracts in their ingredients as they are the mildest forms of said skincare products. Exfoliating also helps in making your skin more receptive to skincare products you are about to layer and products are absorbed faster.

Face Masks.

Face masks give an instant boost in both moisture and hydration. It delivers a huge amount of nutrients to the cells to absorb, thereby creating a brighter and healthier looking skin tone and texture. Face masks are specialised skincare products that are infused with highly concentrated essences that are also perfect for blemished skin—such as those prone to acne. These famous facial masks are dubbed as one of the best skin care products in Malaysia due to its effectiveness in giving the cells moisture, hydration, and nutrients.

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