Four Facial Cleansers For Different Skin Types

The Best Skin Care Product in Malaysia

Your skincare is a matter of trial and error. Apart from finding the best skin care products in Malaysia, you also have to test different products before you can find which products match you best. With facial cleansers being the pillar of your skincare routine, you might be wondering which type of cleansers will suit your skin type and needs. From foams to gels, it is indeed slightly confusing to figure out if you are using the right product and if you are benefitting from it.

Read more as we dissect various type of facial cleanser for different skin types.

Gel Type Cleansers

Oily to combination skin, rejoice! Gel type cleanser is the best option out there for you. Gel type cleansers do not clog the pores and it actually penetrates deep down to your pores, leaving it squeaky clean without drying. It also maintains skin elasticity and firmness. This type of cleanser does not foam as much and that is actually a good thing. Why? Because it does not strip off natural oils from your face. Because of this, your skin is not triggered to produce more oils to maintain moisture—and that is the reason why gel type cleansers can help you look fresh.

Foam Type Cleanser

Another best choice for people with combination to oily skin. Foam cleansers provide adequate moisture to the skin whilst removing dirt, sebum, sweat, and bacteria. This type of cleanser is very economical too since a small amount of product goes a long way. Another good thing about foam cleansers is that they can remove traces and residues of make-up so you get that clean and light feeling after washing. Just be sure to choose those that are mild yet effective, as some foam cleanser do have the tendency to dry the skin out.

Exfoliating Type Cleanser

This type of facial cleanser is good for those who have normal skin types. Exfoliating facial cleansers are good enough to provide deep cleansing and get rid of dry, flaky skin on the surface. It also lifts up dirt that clogs the pores so your skin is prepped for the next step in your skincare routine. However, do keep in mind that as good as exfoliating cleansers are, they should not be used every day to avoid irritation and over-drying of the skin.

Multi-Task Type Cleanser

If you are looking for a product that is extremely light and highly moisturizing, go for those products that provide not only one but several benefits to the skin. Known as multi-task cleansers, these products are extremely helpful in getting rid of heavy duty make-up. Do note that this cleanser type is not to be used with toner.

Do more research and do not be afraid to test your skin care products out before deciding to commit to them long term. There are lots of variations already available that you can find locally in stores here in Malaysia. Now get up, and build that skincare routine of yours!