How Does Sleep and Food High in Sugar Affect Acne Production?

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There are a lot of factors that contributes to acne production. Getting rid of acne is not an overnight process. You must work on it accordingly by adjusting your lifestyle, especially for people who are prone to acne. Among such factors are lack of sleep and eating foods that are high in sugar content. Sleep deprivation messes with your normal hormonal mechanisms while eating sugary food makes your skin a good breeding ground for bacteria.

Not only adolescents suffer from acne breakout but also busy and exhausted adults. Despite using the best skincare products in Malaysia, but not adjusting the way you sleep and your diet, acne can still pop out from time to time.

Lack of Sleep

Just like food, sleep is an everyday necessity. It is a process to help our body and skin recover from being exhausted the whole day. Having adequate sleep plays a huge role in balancing your hormones and preventing it from messing up with your normal bodily processes.

A lack of sleep causes your skin to feel dry and look dull. If your skin is dry, excess sebum is likely to be produced. If this excess sebum blocks the pores, dirt and gunk are trapped inside leading to acne breakouts. The hormone responsible for excess sebum production is cortisol which is triggered by stress. Sleep deprivation also weakens your immune system making your skin more prone to acne-causing bacteria and inflammation.

A good night’s rest also aids in proper insulin absorption and sleep deprivation plays out the other way around. Lack of sleep leads to insulin resistance and if this occurs, cell turnover rate increases and dead skin cells get pushed to the surface almost immediately. Increased rate in cell turnover does not give the skin time to shed, thereby blocking the pores resulting to acne.

Giving yourself a good quality sleep every night helps the skin and rejuvenates it too. Sleeping soundly help you achieve a healthier, clearer, and brighter looking skin. So be sure to rest adequately every night!

Foods High In Sugar And Acne

Other than sleep deprivation, the types of food you eat also contributes to production of acne. Although. sugary foods do not directly affect acne production, they somewhat do play a great role in hormonal fluctuations. When you eat foods high in sugar content, insulin production also increases. More insulin in the blood stream triggers increase cell turnover, causing dead skin to block pores. Sugar is also high in glycemic index (foods that instantly become glucose) that causes the body to inflame when insulin levels are its peak, causing an increase in sebum production.

How Does It Affects your Skin

When there is an increase in insulin, the skin produces more oil. This oil sometimes clogs pores, getting dirt and gunk trapped inside them. Aside from this, sugar also increases inflammation and makes your skin vulnerable to bacteria.

Make good food choices and stay away from eating too much sugar. Choose other alternatives such as fruits and your skin will be thanking you for it!

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