How to Cross-Compare Skin Products?

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When you visit a market, you come across millions of skin care products, making it harder to select one for your skin type. Basically, if you have noticed, you will realise that all skin care products are categorised into 4 types, depending on the skin type. This is important if you have got to compare the different skin care products.

Chemically Created Skin Care Products
These skin care products are flooding the markets all around the world. In fact, they are one of the largest groups of skin care products. But, as the name suggests, they are created using chemicals and preservatives, which is a risk to take on your skin. Educate yourself before you hop down the market and fill your cart. Chemicals like polysorbate, Phenoxyethanol, Tetrasodium EDTA are dangerous for the skin. They are toxic, and some of them increase the chances of developing cancer.

 Natural Skin Care Products
Some skin care products are marked as natural or organic. But, can you really be sure that they are organic? Most companies list their products as organic, but in reality, they are made of chemicals. But, if they are organic, well and good, but if they are not, I don’t even want to talk about it. Although they are a bit expensive, nothing is more important than healthy skin, isn’t it? Make sure you read the ingredients. If they are made of organic bilberry extract, aloe leaf juice, organic sugar cane extract, organic lemon extract, and so on, you know you definitely need to buy that product.

Skin Care Products Found in the Kitchen
These are by far one of the easily available and safe to use products. Examples include; fruits, yoghurt, coffee, and natural oil. These skin care products are totally safe to use and are cheap. The best part is, you can mix and match the different kitchen products and create your own skin care product. However, one big disadvantage is that these kitchen products are perishable, meaning that with time they will go bad. So the next time you want to use something on your skin, you have to start from scratch, which can be a little bit annoying at times, considering that you are out of time.

 Professional Skin Care Products
You can only find these products in your dermatologist’s room because they are the best people to recommend you a cream or any other skin care product. If you have an acne prone skin, you will be given a professional product for your skin based on your skin type and what problems you’ve. These are by far better than the chemical based products you find in the market. Although yes, they contain chemicals, but you have got to trust your dermatologist on that. They would never prescribe you something your skin can’t endure.

You might come across many skin care products in malaysia, all claiming to be the best. Make sure you don’t trust them all blindly, use your eyes to scan at their ingredients, and if you find them to be safe, buy as many top 10 skin care products of malaysia as you want or you can even head down for acne treatment.

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