How to Fade Acne Scars

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Acne erupts quickly but they fade slowly leaving scars. These scars damage not only your skin but also affects your self-confidence and how you face people. One of the major problems of people with acne prone skin face is marks that sometimes leave crevices on the face or sometimes even dark spots. These scars or spots can stay on the surface of your skin for several months, and not all acne treatment available in Malaysia can cure them easily.

We know it is a problem, since not all acnes develop the same way. There are various kinds of acne such as pitted scars that are deep but small in diameter, boxcar acne, and rolling acne that looks like clusters of scars on one site.

The response of the immune system and skin to acne also varies and the resolution of these scars are affected by age. As a person ages, collagen production decreases leading to diminished structural support to the layers of the skin and a slower rate of skin repair.

Below are some tips that you can follow to help alleviate acne scars and hasten recovery:

Do not pick or prick your pimple

Picking or pricking on your pimples disrupts the normal skin composition and creates deeper pits in your facial tissue. Pricking or picking them also increases the chances of acne getting more inflamed and infected that eventually leads to worse scarring. Basically, do not touch or do anything to acne to avoid further damages.

Use products that are known to be chemical exfoliants

Chemical exfoliators play a huge role in refining the skin’s texture and cell regeneration. Chemical exfoliants increases cellular turnover as well, pushing dead skin cells further to the surface. When these dead skin cells are exfoliated, dirt is cleared from inside the pores. Since there are no more barriers on top of the surface, cleansers can penetrate deeply into the skin. Chemical peelers also smoothens and evens out the complexion of the skin.

Wear sunscreen

Ultra violet rays do more damage to the skin than you expect. It makes your skin prone to inflammation and damages the normal barrier of the skin. Aside from these, the cells get damaged and dehydrated making your skin dull, dry and prone to spots. To help your skin recover, apply sunscreen even if you are just staying at home. A thin layer of protectant provides moisture and protection to your face, allowing you to avoid hyperpigmentation.

Mix and match your skincare products

Learn how to make cocktails of skincare products. Choose those that complement one another, such as products that target acne and skin discoloration while providing moisture at the same time. However, do keep in mind that it is necessary to select skincare products accordingly and those that match your skin type to maximise its effects.


Steroids are one of the options to fade acne scars quickly and to avoid formation of keloids. Acne scars then to become smoother and flatter when steroids are used since it also decreases inflammation.

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