How to get rid of Premature Aging Once and For All

Top 10 Skin Care Products in Malaysia

It is possible to prevent and repair premature ageing. However, the repair process does not occur overnight. Premature ageing occurs due to free radical damage from ultraviolet radiation from the sun, environmental pollution, skin damage from unpaired molecules. This causes your skin to develop spots, wrinkles and fine lines. Moreover, they lead to the loss of skin elasticity. Premature ageing may cause discomfort and the loss of their self-confidence in some people.

The signs of premature skin ageing are not always visible and many at times, are unexpected and disturbing. It is important that you combine both professional and daily home care for the best outcome. Every woman desires to continue looking younger for the longest time possible; looking older among your age mates is very frustrating. That’s why women spend a lot of dollars every year to buy creams, lotions and for cosmetic surgery. However, you need not worry anymore. Here are the most efficient ways that will help you get rid of premature ageing once and for all.

Retinoid Cream

The retinoid cream is one of the over-the-counter products that will help you fight premature ageing once and for all. These retinoid creams are the only creams proven to do away with wrinkles or at least reduce their appearance of your face. They contain tropical retinoids, which are rich in vitamin A and good for skin repair

Peptide Creams

Creams containing peptides are useful in reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles as they contain amino acids. These amino acids encourage the formation of collagen. As you age, the skin naturally produces less collagen. Replenishing your skin’s collagen using peptide creams will help you fight premature ageing.

Chemical Pearls

Chemical pearls are helpful in removing dull skin texture, skin discolouration, wrinkles, age spots and mild acne spots around your mouth and eyes. It encourages the growth of a new, smooth and evenly-toned skin by peeling off the old skin cells.

Cosmetic Surgery

Lifting the skin on the eyelids, neck, face, and forehead can help you have a tighter appearance. With the use of incision on the face, cosmetic surgery can help you look ten years younger for the rest of your life. You can check around for some of the best cosmetic centres in Malaysia and make a booking to see a dermatologist. After accessing the extent of damage, the doctor will advise accordingly.

Laser Skin Resurfacing

Laser skin resurfacing improves and zaps the looks of scars and wrinkles by tightening the loose skin using high-intensity light. Laser skin resurfacing can be either thick, intermediate or superficial. The effects can last much longer if you do not smoke and use sunscreen.

Preventive remedies

You can also prevent premature ageing so that you will not need to incur additional cost in solutions. Through preventive measures such as regular exercise, not smoking, proper diet, use of sunscreens, getting adequate sleep and most importantly by avoiding stress and properly taking care of your skin, your skin can have a younger look always. You can also explore some of the best skin care products in Malaysia that focuses on maintaining the condition of your skin. The products will help you maintain a youthful skin and fight any breakouts that may affect your appearance. These preventive remedies are effective since they involve little or no cost, no painful experiences and above all little or no side effects.

Natural Remedies

Using natural methods such as scrubbing your face daily with sugar, cleansing with milk and honey, treating black spots with Aloe Vera and fresh lemon juice or using the egg white to mask your skin daily may help you get rid of premature ageing once and for all. However, you should maintain the highest level of hygiene when dealing with these products, for instance making sure that you are not using stale foodstuff. You must also ensure that they do not get into the eyes since they cause irritation.

Although most of the things that cause premature ageing are those that are out of our control, there is so much you can do to prevent premature ageing. It is also important to know that some premature ageing may occur because of an illness that needs medical attention. It is your personal choice to decide which of these methods are suitable for you. You can also seek the opinion of a dermatologist for more guidance.