How to Layer Your Skin Care Products the Correct Way

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Studies show that a good skin care routine coupled with a healthy lifestyle is the key to slowing the effects of ageing. That not only means using the best skin care product in malaysia but also applying it in the right way. Contrary to what people think, the way you layer your portions is fundamental if you are looking to maximize their benefits to your skin. However, most products will still work, provided you get them on your face at some point.

As you get busier in your daily routine, you might feel the need to trade a few steps of your skin care regimen for a few more minutes of other activities. Doing this might not cause any bodily harm, but it affects the way your products deliver their benefits to your skin. Here is a handy guide on the correct way to layer your skin care products to get the best from your routine. Please note that you may need to subtract or add some items based on your concerns.

As long as you find the need to wash your face with water every morning, you need a gentle cleanser. That sets the stage for your skincare routine and helps you get rid of excess oil, dirt, make-up, and hairs. Experts also recommend double cleansing in the evening.

While cleansing your face every morning or evening, it is essential to use a cleanser that matches your skin type to avoid irritation. That also ensures that you maintain your skin’s natural moisture.

Exfoliators might not be part of your skincare routine, but it’s highly recommendable. Use chemical or physical scrubs to remove all the dead skin on your face and keep your pores clean. That also brightens your complexion and promotes the growth of your cells.

Avoid overdoing it by following the use instructions, if using it daily. If not, use it 2 or 3 times a week, to avoid the risk of damaging or drying the skin.

Astringent or Toner
With the lingering assumption that astringents are harsh to the skin, most people skip this step in their regimen. Fortunately, the new breeds of toners are mild to your skin and have a clarifying effect. They deliver moisture and allow you to enjoy the anti-ageing benefits.

hough a cleanser gets rid of all the excess oil on your skin, the amount of dirt and makeup left behind can be surprising. Use a few drops of your astringent or toner and cotton wool to swipe over your neck, face, and chest. They are the best way to keep your skin balanced and healthy.

Target treatment and serums
Prescription medications and target treatment need to be applied very close to the surface, to maximise their benefits. These beautiful formulas will work smoothly, as you take your beauty rest. Most of them are best applied in the evenings, to avoid sensitivity towards the sun rays.  It’s also a great time to use skin peels and items with exfoliating ingredients. Don’t forget to take a few minutes before putting the next product, to give them time for absorption.

Face oil or moisturizer
A moisturised surface is vital in avoiding wrinkles and fighting blemishes. These products reinforce the protective barrier of your skin and make it healthier. You should also keep in mind that oily skin also needs a moisturiser.

Eye cream
To maintain the thickness and health of your eyelids, apply an eye cream every night or at least twice a day. It guarantees the smooth appearance of your eye section and ensures that you do not quickly develop wrinkles in that area. Consistency is vital for the best results.

While this is the primary way to achieve the best results from your products, you will need to choose the products that work well for your skin type. That’s because we each have our own set of concerns and different skin types. All you need is to find a routine that works for you and take note of what your body needs.

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