How to Resolve Hyperpigmentation Issues on Your Face

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Dark spots on your skin can lower your confidence and self-esteem. Unfortunately, they tend to appear on exposed body parts, and are thus difficult to hide. Hyperpigmentation shows that your skin is producing excessive melanin in some areas.

There are various predisposing factors such as advanced age, hormonal imbalances, direct exposure to the sun, pregnancy or skin injury. Some spots are constant in size while others may keep increasing over time. It is crucial to consult a dermatologist or aesthetician in the early stages of the condition. You will be advised on measures to take to remove or regulate the rate of spread of hyperpigmentation. However, when you know the origin, it becomes much easier to treat. The following is a number of ways to handle hyperpigmentation.

  1. Natural remedies

There are a good number of plant and animal skin care products in Malaysia which can be used to cure hyperpigmentation on your face. The right procedure and dosage should be applied for positive results. The natural enzymes or organic compounds from the products inhibit excessive production of melanin.

Some of the plants or plant products that can be helpful in curing hyperpigmentation include avocados, Aloe Vera, lemon-honey mixture, potato juice, sandalwood, almond and orange juice. After washing the affected section, the juice or a part of the plant is placed for a period of around 15 minutes. The process should be repeated for two to three times a day until improvement is noticed. This method of remedy calls for persistence because the change may be unnoticeable on the first few days of application.

  1. Drug treatment

Some cases of hyperpigmentation can be remedied through the administration of drugs. There are creams that are made to counter hormonal imbalance or supplement vitamins, which could be lacking in your diet and are essential for your skin’s health. Some common drugs have compounds like retinol and hydroquinone. They also help keep your skin moisturised.

The method could be more effective when the prescription is followed strictly. However, there could be detrimental repercussion for failure to observe dosage or the period of use. You should also disclose any allergies you have to your physician to avoid chemicals that may trigger an allergic reaction. This approach could be more costly when compared to natural remedies. You should inform your doc other types of medication you could be taking like contraceptive pills, which also alter the hormonal system. It is also essential to note that only clinically proven drugs are safe to use because there are numerous drugs with unproven results.

  1. Surgical procedures

Your dermatologist can recommend a surgery to remove a layer of skin. The depth of the surgery will depend on the severity of the condition. Some will only require a mild application of an acid that peels off the outer layer of the skin. In other instances, surgery can be done to access deeper layers.

Invasive procedures are rarely recommended for treating hyperpigmentation. The reason being high costs and other side effects, like scorching of the skin which can occur later. When the first two options can be used, it is not advisable to undergo a surgery. Instead, surgery should always be your last resort.

Treatment of hyperpigmentation is slow but it is effective when prescriptions are followed. Should the condition prove stubborn after trying out natural remedies, seek medical advice. Observing the right diet is crucial for the health of your skin. As prevention is better than cure, eat foods that provide vitamins vital to your skin like Vitamins C and D. It would be pointless to use the best skin care products in Malaysia if you neglect your diet.

Avoid direct sunlight if you realise that your skin is sensitive to sunrays. To see an improvement in your hyperpigmentation problems, you should use the top 10 skin care products in Malaysia consistently.

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