How to Start Preventing Signs of Ageing in Your 20s

Today, more young men and women are sourcing and applying the top 10 skin care products in malaysia hoping to keep their skin supple and glowing. It’s a known fact that it’s easier to maintain smooth skin than going through the struggle of getting rid of wrinkles. Preventing signs of ageing in your 20’s is very important if you plan to maintain that youthful glow for a bit longer.
We all know that no one can avoid ageing. While maintaining the youthful bloom of your skin, it’s essential to develop good skin-care habits that also ensures your skin’s constant glow and at the same time – prevent signs of ageing in your 20’s. Here are some insights on how to ensure that you stay young and you continue to enjoy all the good stuff that the world has to offer.

Eye cream should be a vital part of your grooming
If you don’t have any reservations in this area, then you should always feel good protecting your eyes from those tiny wrinkles starting to develop. That’s because the eyes show ageing earlier than other regions, due to the wear and tear while smiling and squinting.
Choosing an eye-cream is quite easy since most products on the market use the same ingredients. However, it’s essential to ensure that you don’t develop any dark circles around your eyes. In case that happens, you can change to a lightening cream to ensure that your skin suffers no more damage in your early 20’s.

Skipping sunscreen is not an option for you
Applying sunscreen might seem like a tiring task, but omitting it the biggest mistake you can make. Even with so many skin care products around, this route remains the most inexpensive way of looking young and attractive. Keep in mind that sunscreen stands as the best and most efficient routine for maintaining beautiful skin. Since it just takes a few seconds, you can make it part of your daily routine, just like bathing or brush your teeth.

Don’t forget your hands and neck
If you have encountered people with young faces and old hands or neck, then you know why it’s important to remember these parts. That’s because all these areas are hit by sun rays regularly and tend to age in the same way. That means you need to do your neck and arms whatever you do to your face.

Go easy on anti-ageing products
Many products on the market focus on enhancing the cell turnover by exfoliation. It might seem practical, but your skin cells proliferate quickly at the age of early 20’s. Aggressive scrubs, serums, and cleansers damage the skin barrier and result in irritation. It’s also advisable to go easy on the electric cleansing brush to avoid over-exfoliation.

Use a lot of antioxidants
While makeup can cover up bruises and imperfections, a healthy glow comes from a diet with all sorts of antioxidants. That’s because they prevent the breakdown of collagen, a substance that keeps your skin youthful and wrinkle-free.

Have a healthy lifestyle
The quality of your skin highly depends on you. Your lifestyle can affect your appearance and influence how fast you age. Some of these factors include not eating well, a lack of sleep and smoking.
At this age, most people also develop the habit of sleeping with their make-up on. This practice should be replaced with washing your face before bed to ensure that you don’t clog the pores on your skin. Don’t forget that regular exercise is beneficial.

As you all know, prevention is better than cure. In the hopes of eradicating wrinkles and signs of ageing with time, early prevention is always the key. With these helpful tips, you can get rid of all the effects of ageing that may affect your skin as time goes. Remember that it’s never too early to maintain healthy skin.

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