How Your Period Can Affect Your Skin and Skincare Routine

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Your menstrual cycle greatly affects your hormones and one of the most common places it can manifest is through the skin. Just like your period, your skin undergoes a time frame for its cellular turn over. Normally, a 28-day cycle is expected for your skin to shed off dead skin cells just like how your period sheds an unfertilized egg. Keep in mind, though, that your menstrual cycle messes up with your hormones even if you are not actually having your period.

Your menstrual cycle is mainly responsible for showing how your skin will look like, which, in reality, changes day-per-day.

In this article, we will break down to you the three major phases in your cycle, namely—menstrual phase, follicular phase, and luteal phase, as well as how it affects your skin and what kind of skin care products available in Malaysia you should use.

Learn more about your period and your skincare routine below:

Phase One: Menstrual Phase
Menstrual phase happens between day 1 to day 5 of your cycle. At this time, your skin may appear dull and dry. The reason for this is due to your estrogen and progesterone level falling below normal leading to skin appearing dull, and the production of oil will also decrease. These two contributes to your skin having low moisture retention. What you can do to alleviate these signs is to drink plenty of water and arm yourself with foods rich in Vitamin C and antioxidants to help maintain or revive your natural glow.

Phase Two: Follicular Phase
From day 5 to day 13, it is the follicular phase. It is the time between the end of your period and the start of your ovulation. This is where your skin is at their top shape and condition. You will look more glowing, hydrated, and full of life. What you should do at this time of the month is to revert back to your normal, everyday skincare routine while still maintaining hydration.

Phase Three: Luteal Phase
Luteal phase happens from day 15 to day 28. This is where you experience the so-called pre-menstrual syndrome. Pre-menstrual syndrome contributes a lot to various changes when it comes to your hormonal levels. Changes in the level of your hormones make your oil glands become hyperactive, attracting even more bacteria leading to breakouts. You may have to adjust your skincare routine once again by choosing top 10 skin care products that help get rid of excess oil and a moisturiser that provides nourishment. Exfoliating may also be a great idea during this time or period of your menstrual cycle so dirt and grime can be lifted out of your pores too.

In conclusion, adjusting your skin care regimen is perfectly normal when you are having your period. Adjusting your skin care routine as well as products to align in your current condition helps alleviate the signs and symptoms of extreme breakouts. Besides, prevention is better than cure, right? So, time to load up and stock up on nourishing products as you arm yourself in preventing your menstrual cycle breaking out!

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