Is A Sunscreen Really Necessary in our Skincare Routine?

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As much as you dread how some sunscreens create a white cast on your face after its application, it is actually a major protectant against the harmful rays of the sun for your skin, especially in sunny Malaysia. Aside from the fact that frequent exposure to the sun causes wrinkles and advances aging, it is also the main factor that greatly contributes to the development of skin cancer. That is why a little bit of help from creams or lotions that contain SPF is favorable, especially to those people who are frequently exposed to harmful UV rays.

But why exactly do you need to incorporate sunscreens into your routine and what benefits can you get from it? The list goes on and on. However, here are some of the common benefits you can get from using sunscreen:

It protects you from the harmful rays of the sun, regardless of your skin type.

Whether your skin is fair, medium, or dark, you can never be safe from the unfavorable side effects that you could get from being exposed under the sun for too long. A layer of sunscreen applied on your skin helps in blocking these harmful UV rays from penetrating deep inside and damaging your cells. Dermatologists recommend wearing sunscreens everyday to promote protection against UV rays.

It helps in slowing down the process of aging

Sun rays between 10 in the morning up until 2 in the afternoon are unhealthy. Most visible signs of aging get noticeable after being exposed under these UV rays everyday. Since these UV rays penetrate into the cells and eventually strip off moisture out of them, your cells start to get dehydrated. The consequences appear on your face—you get wrinkles, fine lines, and possibly, sun spots.

Sunscreens protect your cells

UV rays deplete cells of nutrition and suck out moisture out of them and the output of this is dull, unhealthy, and dehydrated skin. They are also the ones responsible for increasing your risk in developing skin cancer. Sunscreens play their protective role here by providing protection to your skin and cells. A thin layer of sunscreen does the trick by blocking direct penetration of these rays in the skin.

The use of sunscreen has long been advised by dermatologists worldwide and the reason why you should use it has already been backed up by a study conducted in Australia as mentioned in an online article by TIME in 2013. The proven effect of using sunscreens is that it disrupts the cell’s ability to quicken the aging process by keeping the nutrients and moisture inside each cell intact.

There are so many skincare products in the market that offers sunscreen with SPF included in their components and there are some that are solely used for sun protection. You should do your research and look for the best skin care product in Malaysia. Check out specialty stores that cater to skincare or beauty and identify among the wide variety of sunscreen one that fits your needs.

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