Not All Skin Care Products Are Good for Teens: What to Know?

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We all know that our teenage years can be the best time of our lives to enjoy things, have adventures and explore the world. But this can also be the worst time, with regards to your skin, as you have to deal with breakouts, pimples and other changes on your skin. There are different reasons behind it such as hormonal changes, stress from school and other problems. Before you worry, you should know that this is the time your skin needs the most care.

A lack of responsibilities will allow you time to focus on taking care of your skin. However, not all the top skin care products in Malaysia will be a perfect skin care product for you and it is important to know the basics and routines to consider.

Keep Your Skin Clean

As a teen, you are surely be having plenty of adventures which can expose your skin to dirt and strong sunlight. It can cause irritation and allergies on your sensitive skin, so it is important to keep it clean. You can bring wipes and cleansers with you that you can easily use to wipe your face when you arrive at school or anytime you wish to.

Wash Your Face Before Sleeping

After a very tiring day, make sure you wash your face before sleeping. One common reason why people are prone to pimples is because they always forget to wash their face before sleeping. It rids of your face of accumulated dirt and maintains younger looking skin. Make sure that the product you use can rejuvenate your skin.

Exfoliate 2-3 Times a Week

Exfoliating is an important process. It helps remove the dead cells on your skin and encourages the growth of new skin. But most teens may have very sensitive skin and it is ideal to use exfoliants that are safe for your skin. You should try a small amount on your hand and see if it reacts negatively. The skin on your face is the most sensitive area on your body so you should look for creams recommended or created just for teens.

Avoid Abrasive Scrubs

When you are washing your face, you have to avoid abrasive scrubs. It can irritate the skin and will become reddish. Using abrasive scrubs when you have acne breakouts can further aggravate and irritate the acne. It is ideal to always use your hands in applying creams and washing your face. Do not use scrubs because it can harm your skin.

When using skin care products, check the claims of the manufacturer to check its’ suitability for your age group. This can give you a heads up if the product is ideal for you or not. For a clearer picture, a visit to your dermatologist can help you know more about your options.

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