Reasons for Acne Under the Skin and Neck

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Acne breakouts on the skin and neck can appear because of a number of reasons. The breakout can either be mild, severe or in some cases manifest as a small number of pimples under the skin. Breakouts will vary from individual to individual and skin types. Oily skin is prone to having breakouts more often than normal skin as acne thrives in oily conditions.

Here are the different reasons that may be causing acne breakouts on the skin and neck.

Cheap Beauty Products

This is a very common problem. Cheap beauty products can cause skin breakage and eventually a severe breakout on the skin. This, however, may only affect people with sensitive skin. There are individuals who use cheap products but rarely get acne breakouts.

Intake of processed foods

Processed foods may include, but are not limited to, burgers, fries and hotdogs among others. These foods can easily trigger the production of the insulin hormone which in turn produces sugars in the body and eventually cause an acne breakout on the skin and neck.

Hormonal Imbalance

This can be brought about by different factors, such as menses, pregnancy, puberty or ingesting hormonal medication. For instances like pregnancy and menses, it is usually advisable to let the acne clear out by itself. However, if the acne is severe and persists, getting advice from your dermatologist is more advisable than buying off the shelf medication.

Skin Type

Frequent acne breakouts are more common for those with oily skin. Dry skin is also known to prompt frequent breakouts. To minimise this, moisturizer applied on the skin twice a day will not only get rid of the breakout but also prevent future breakouts from occurring. For oily skin, getting a cleanser that will reduce the oil production on the skin is also highly advisable.


There are some drugs that contain lithium and androgen. Such drugs can easily lead to an acne breakout on the skin and neck. Androgen hormone causes the oily glands underneath the skin to enlarge thereby increasing the production of sebum and causing acne breakouts on the skin and the neck. In some cases, if the drugs are mandatory a counter drug is prescribed that will stabilize the skin’s PH and help with the reduction of acne on the skin.

Climate change

Our skin can appear to be more radiant during seasons with clear skies and warmer temperatures. This is due to heat and sunlight encouraging our pores to open up, unclogging blocked pores thereby creating better blood circulation for our skin. This prompts a reduction of acne as well as preventing a breakout within the near future.

Acne treatment in Malaysia is extensive. It ranges from homemade therapies to the latest beauty products as well as the more modern light therapy. It is hard to identify the top 10 skin care products in Malaysia due to the abundance of products available for consumers.