Reasons Why You Are Getting Breakouts on Your Chin

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Acne appears in different parts of the body and the chin is not an exception. There are different reasons why this may occur and most of them depend on whether the breakouts occur regularly.

Do you often get an acne breakout on your chin? Are they seasonal? There are different reasons that may be behind the chin breakouts; this can range from hormonal, chemical to even different weather changes. Random or regular chin breakouts can be a result of either internal or external factors

Internal Factors


Acne can generally be described as the production of excess oils on the skin that traps the dirt and bacteria on the pore. The bacteria then will then form a swell on the skin and also clog the skin pore’s pores, resulting in acne. Hormonal changes are a huge factor of the breakout on the chin. There are different reasons for hormone imbalances ranging from pregnancy, puberty, and menses to mention a few. When there is hormonal imbalance in the body, there may be a production of excess oils, thereby resulting in a breakout on the chin. In some cases, the breakout may only last for a period of time before clearing out on its own. In other instances, it may take longer and require exfoliation or the use of skincare products to aid in the condition. You can explore your options with the top skin care products in Malaysia to help you keep your acne under control when needed.


There are plenty of conditions that are passed down from one generation to the other and in some cases, acne can be one of them. The production of excess oil or the presence of dry skin that may lead to a breakout may sometimes be hereditary, leading to regular breakouts on the skin. This can however be treated by using skin care products and facial treatments as well.

External Factors


The change in weather can either be good to the skin or result in the opposite effect. When the skin is not used to the scorching sun, it may lead to a breakout. In this case, having sunscreen that contains anti-acne agents is most advisable.

Cheap Products

The term “cheap is expensive” should never be taken lightly. The use of cheap exfoliating and other beauty products on the skin can cause a breakout on the chin. It is always advisable to use products that are highly recommended. At the end of the day, quality will always triumph quantity and acquiring a product that will ensure a radiant and healthy looking skin should be a priority.


You are what you eat. The excessive consumption of oily foods and curbs will definitely lead to the production of acne on the chin. Cutting down on such foods is highly recommended and you should instead consume foods that are healthy to the body. A healthy diet can help you achieve a glowing and healthy skin. Such foods include, citrus fruits, avocado and honey to mention a few. Taking lots of water throughout the day will also offer the skin pores room to breathe and above all, control the skin’s PH, thereby reducing any chances of a breakout on the chin.

It is important to also look for preventive measures of future breakouts once you learn of the reasons behind these breakouts.

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