Resolve Your Acne Problems by Following these Rules

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Breaking out and acne are inevitable. Being blessed with extremely good skin is truly uncommon, and being imperfect human beings, we get acne now and then. However, it doesn’t mean that you cannot avoid breaking out and having these acnes pop from time to time, as long as you take good care of your skin.

Proper skincare routine is just the start of having clear and healthy skin. There are still a few more tips that you may want to follow for that youthful, bright, and glowing skin.

Check out some of the tips below!

Do not touch your acne.
This is probably the golden rule of all skincare do’s and don’ts. Hands harbour different microorganisms, and it becomes one of the easiest modes for bacteria to transfer from one surface to another. Avoid, or better yet, do not ever attempt to touch your pimples as this only irritates it further.

Stay Away From Heavy Creams
Creams are great as moisturisers. However, creams with heavy consistencies tend to aggravate breakouts. The reason being it clogs pores thereby contributing to developing even more acne and pimples. It irritates the skin causing redness and inflammation which does not contribute to making your skin recover.

Gel Cleansers Are Your Best Friend
Gel cleansers are favoured among people with oily skin or those who are prone to acne. Gel cleansers tend to be lighter than cream-based cleansers, and they are also very soothing. It helps in getting rid of excess sebum while providing moisture to the skin to keep your pores healthy and clean at the same time.

Choose Products With Salicylic Acid or Benzoyl Peroxide
People who experience breakouts and acne a lot rely on these two chemicals. They often look for products made with salicylic acid or benzoyl peroxide to treat acne. With various acne treatment options in malaysia, these two components are favourites as skincare ingredients. They are effective in drying out acne’s and helps in fading acne scars.

Do Not Peel When You Have Active Breakouts
Avoid using peeling gels, face scrubs, peeling masks, and the like when you are actively breaking out. Peeling or scrubbing your face makes the matter even worse at it irritates the skin barrier. There are several exfoliating products that are gentle enough to minimise the appearance of acne such as those that are soaked with exfoliating formulas.

Protect Yourself From The Sun
A short exposure under the sun is more harmful than you may think. Even a short time under the sun exposes your skin to harmful UV rays that irritate the skin and dehydrates your moisture barrier. If it is inevitable for you to go out, wear protectants such as caps, glasses, scarves, and do not forget to apply sunscreen with enough SPF to combat the harmful effects of the UV rays. The sun can do damage to your skin without your knowledge, so it is better always to come prepared.

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