Skin Care Guide for Pregnant Women

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You’ve prepared for it and you don’t want any problems. Pregnancy can surprise us a lot, especially with the many changes that happen to our bodies. This is the most common reason why pregnant women are conscious about anything they use, drink, eat and apply on their body. They want to make sure that there are no effects on their fetus.

When you are pregnant, there are specific routines that you have to follow for a perfect skin care. Most of the top skincare products in Malaysia are safe to be used by pregnant women because of the ingredients added to it. But not all ingredients can be safe. Avoid products if there are avita, retinol, targretin, differin, and panretin on the ingredient list. Here are more things to consider for a perfect skin care guide.

Makeup Products

Most pregnant women still want to look good and use makeup. Improper use and cleaning can lead to allergies and rashes. You have to know that your skin can be more sensitive when you are pregnant, and it is best to tone down your makeup. You can keep it simple, use lesser eye makeup and focus on face powders and creams.

When you are cleaning your face, you have to use a reliable makeup remover and make sure to do it before you sleep. This can help avoid the build-up of acne while you sleep.

Lotion and Moisturiser

It is important to have lotion and moisturisers with you. You may experience having very dry skin because of your hormones acting up, which can also result in rashes. The lotion and moisturizer can protect your skin from external substances and make it as soft as always. It can also help to keep you warm during winter and cold nights.

Avoid Scrubbing Itchy Areas

Let us admit it, when we are pregnant, it seems that all parts of our body are getting itchy, especially our tummy. It may give you a relief to scrub and scratch it off, but it is highly suggested that you avoid doing this. The skin on your tummy is being stretched out to accommodate the growing life inside you and it becomes more sensitive than ever. If you are going to scrub it, the changes will leave marks that will be really hard to remove.

Do Not Drink Skin Care Supplements

Lastly, you have to avoid drinking skin care supplements. Society today would be more familiar with the use of skin care supplements that can help them to achieve faster results out of their products. If you are pregnant, it is always the best to avoid consuming anything that is not common. Anything you eat will directly go to your baby, so be careful.

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