Skin Care Tips for Men with Acne

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Whether in the country or the city, our occupations and daily lives often leave us exposed to harsh environments or pollutants in the air. The skin is the largest organ in our bodies and it takes the brunt of exposure to such exposure. This is true for just about everyone, male or female. However, whenever we talk about skin care, seldom do we refer to men.

Men also experience issues like oily skin and pimples. The fact that men shave daily makes their skin more vulnerable to damage and irritation. Men need to understand which of the best skin care products in Malaysia are for them.

Do you have oily skin and pimples? A good skin care routine will help you get healthier and better looking skin.

Below are some skin care tips for men with acne. Don’t worry guys, they are quick and straightforward.

Clean Daily

Cleaning your skin properly is perhaps the best and most important way of avoiding acne or breakouts.

Make sure you cleanse your face at least twice daily. An evening wash takes care of dust and other pollutants that you’ve come into contact with and accumulated during the day. However, you should avoid using soap. Soap can over-dry your skin, which in turn triggers your oil glands into hyperactivity. A gentle face wash gel is a better choice for men with active oil glands.

Also, you can avoid dust accumulating in your pores during the day by wiping your face with a clean wet wipe after every couple of hours.


Moisturising is not a big hit with most men. Most men, especially men with acne, believe that they don’t need to moisturise because they already have oily skin.

This is the wrong perception. Moisturising is vital for everyone regardless of your skin type.

Every man needs to moisturise daily and keep his skin well hydrated. For men with acne and oily skin, water-based light moisturisers give the best results when applied after every wash.

Scrub Regularly

Men with acne should scrub at least twice every week using a facial granule scrub.

Scrubbing helps exfoliate dead skin from the top layer. It also helps to remove other dead cells and impurities from pores thus preventing breakouts and other mishaps.

Protect from Sun Damage

UV radiation from the sun is linked to skin cancer and makes you susceptible to other ailments. Also, it is the most prevalent cause of premature skin ageing and makes acne scars more visible.

If you are a man with acne, you can protect your facial skin from UV damage by applying an effective sunscreen immediately after moisturising and after that, every four to five hours.

Don’t Puncture the Pimples

For men with acne, the temptation to puncture or burst a pimple is almost irresistible. But, you can only increase the chances of contracting an infection and further damaging your skin.

Avoid pricking any pimples, especially on your face, with any object or your hands.

Visit a skin care specialist at least once every so often to examine you and recommend the best skin care and treatment.

Skincare is not considered a man’s forte. But we all love to look fresh and radiant. These quick and easy skin care tips will give you healthy skin and take care of acne.

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