Skincare Routine To Prevent Acne

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Build-up of bacteria from pollution, make-up debris, and dead skin cells, are factors that contribute to acne—and nobody wants that. Acne, if popped early, may cause scarring which affects the over-all look of the face. Consequently, there are a few best skincare products for acne that has been developed to treat such conditions and prevent it from turning into scar. A well-maintained skincare routine also helps a lot when dealing with acne. Here is a step-by-step tutorial that you can follow to prevent acnes from appearing:

Use an oil-based cleanser as a first step in your skincare routine

Oil-based cleansers are known to remove any signs of make-up and dirt that were stuck on the skin throughout the day. They are also preferred when you want to remove waterproof make-up such as mascara and eyeliner. Since it is oil based, you would not have to worry about stripping your skin of its natural oils since cleansers like this usually compensate for it.

Choose a foaming cleanser that balances the pH of your skin

Choose a facial cleanser that creates a foam to wash out the remaining oils from the initial step of your skincare. Remember also to use lukewarm water in order to open your pores and deep cleanse it. Finish the whole process by washing off the foam with cold water to help tighten the pores.

Use essences or serums

Serums and essences have become a staple in skincare routines. Of course, if you would want to prevent acnes, select those that contain BHA, which is an ingredient that fights breakouts and clear out blackheads. However, for BHA containing essences/serums, it is better to use them at night. Do take note that this kind of ingredient is very sensitive to the sun.


A very crucial step in skincare routine is to select a toner that tightens the pores and has a calming effect on the skin. Most people who are acne prone choose toners that have a salicylic acid property. Keep in mind that when using a toner, it is best to be applied within two minutes after getting out of the shower or washing of your face.


A lightweight, water-like consistency in moisturizers is usually preferred if you would want to avoid clogged pores. There are moisturizers in the market that are heavy on the face and usually settles inside the pores which trigger bacteria build-up, so carefully selecting a moisturizer that not only provides adequate hydration but also gets absorbed quickly is important.

To stay away from acnes, watching your diet is also important and a key factor when you want to avoid development of the said condition. Believe it or not, you got to stay away from foods that are high in sugar content, and yes, it includes your favorite chocolates. Watching what you eat is not only to prevent acnes but also good for your well-being. May you find these tips helpful and good luck in your skincare journey!

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