The Causes of Acne Breakouts When You Are in Your 20s

Getting acne passed the age of puberty can be very frustrating. It is important to know that people are different, which means their bodies react to certain things differently and this includes late adolescent bloomers. Acne breakouts are not only very uncomfortable but can also lower someone’s self esteem. Getting them in your twenties or later can be very disturbing and in most cases, will make you look a lot younger than you intend to. There are a lot of different reasons that can cause acne breakouts in your twenties, most of which are related to stress related issues. Here are a few reasons that may cause an acne breakout in your twenties.

High Stress Levels

This can be as a result of different things from emotional, physical to the daily life stresses we encounter. Stress in most cases causes hormonal imbalance which in turn increases the production of oils in the body. This increase will trigger acne breakouts or in some cases, aggravate existing acne conditions.


There are some genetic diseases that may or may not come with acne breakouts. Diabetes is the perfect example of such a genetic disease, the imbalance of the insulin hormone in the body can sometimes produce high levels of sugars that eventually lead to an acne breakout on the skin.

Hormonal Imbalances

The fluctuation of hormones can be contributed to different factors such as menses, pregnancy and in some cases late puberty. In the case of pregnancy and menses, the production of the androgen hormone causes the secretion of excess oils in the body and thereby causing an acne breakout. Acne treatment in such cases is advised only if the breakout is severe. If it is not, the acne should eventually clear out on its own.

Androgen hormone and lithium in your medications can easily contribute to an acne breakout. Other oral drugs such as oral contraceptives have also been known to cause acne breakouts as one of its side effects. In such cases, changing the contraceptive to a different one is advised in order to minimize the acne and eventually get clear skin.


After puberty, acne can be caused by the ingestion of oily and processed foods. These foods are often high in refined sugars and curbs that cause swelling in the oily glands which leads to the production of excess oils in the body and eventually an acne breakout. Reducing the intake of such foods will definitely reduce any chances of an acne breakout on the skin.

There are many other reasons that can contribute to the acne breakout in your twenties, most which are related to the hormone imbalance in the body. For acne treatments in Malaysia, there are different methods implemented to ensure clear and acne free skin. Most of which include highly recommended beauty products, light therapy among others. It is advisable to visit your dermatologist in cases of severe acne breakouts and get recommendations of the top skin care products in Malaysia that you should use. Your dermatologist will be able to provide professional advice and recommend

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