The Science Behind Cystic Acnes

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Ever wondered how cystic acne is formed? Have you ever felt pain around red, irritated areas surrounding your jawline and feels as if there are fresh bumps under your skin? Chances are, these elevated, irritated areas are actually cystic acne. Acne is usually infected more than any common zit and does not heal over time.

The usual population being affected by acne and breakouts are those from the adolescent and younger adult life spans. Cystic acne usually affects the face but can also appear on the upper trunk and upper arms. Cystic acne is considered to be the most severe form of breakout and treating them may take a lot of time, effort, and medications. In this article, let us talk about the science behind cystic acne, what causes them, what are the available acne scar treatments in Malaysia, and if these treatments are helpful. If you are interested, continue reading to learn more.

What Is A Cystic Acne?
As mentioned, cystic acne is a more severe form of pimples and breakouts. In general, acne is being caused by excess oil production, hyperproduction of keratin that block the pores and build-up of sebum or dirt leading to accumulation of bacteria. On the other hand, cystic acne is also being caused by the same factors, but the difference is that they are deeply embedded in the skin’s surface. Cystic acne does not form heads compared to normal zits. They are also sometimes regarded or linked to hormonal changes in one’s body, especially for women. The common areas where cystic acne can be seen are along the jawline, chin, and lower part if the face.

How Long Does Cystic Acne Last and What Aggravates It?
Unlike your common pimples, cystic acne may linger for a long period of time. It may be weeks or may even last for a gruesome number of months. In contrast to the common misconception of acne, cystic ones are not caused by eating chocolate, greasy foods, and nuts. However, experts say that dairy products like milk and cheeses are the most common culprit in aggravating the production of cystic acne.

What Are The Treatment Options Available For Cystic Acne?
You might want to consult a doctor before starting any acne scar treatment. Topical drugs are commonly prescribed for the treatment of such condition like Benzoyl peroxide to help dry out the problem areas along your skin. Isotretinoin is also seen to be most beneficial when it comes to cystic acne. However, this treatment poses a couple of side effects, so it is better to be careful if ever you are considering using isotretinoin as a treatment. Moreover, steroids and birth control pills are also being seen as two of the best skin care products in malaysia in dealing with cystic acne.

Can I Prevent Cystic Acne?
A healthy skin care routine is usually the answer in treating cystic acne. Although, of course, you can never tell since cystic acne is highly hormonal. Practising a mild yet effective skincare routine do help as they get rid of other factors like excess sebum, dirt, and dead skin cells that block the pores. Drinking plenty of water also aids in excreting toxins out of the body to reveal clearer and healthy looking skin.

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