The Ultimate Guide to a Basic Skin Care Routine

How do I get clear skin like magazine models or the people on TV? How much will I have to spend? These are questions commonly asked by teens and adults alike. While you have to know that photos in magazines and on TV are often edited, it is still possible to obtain a smooth and supple skin. Here is a guide for you to integrate the most basic skincare routine into your daily lifestyle:

Step 1: Determine Your Skin Type

Start by using a facial cleanser to remove any dirt or oil on your face. Afterwards, let your face air dry for about an hour.

Use a piece of tissue to dab the T-Zone of your face. (Your T-Zone is the T formed by the area of skin above your eyebrows, down to the base of your nose). Hold it up to the light, do you see any oil? If yes, you have either oily or combination skin. If no, you have dry skin.

Examine your face in the mirror; if you can see your pores, you have oily skin. The opposite is true for dry skin. If you have different pore sizes, you have combination skin.

If your skin feels tight, you have dry skin. However, if it is smooth, you have oily or combination skin.

If you develop a rash or experience itching often, you have sensitive skin. You may also have sensitive skin if there is redness or inflammation.

If you can’t figure out your skin type on your own, seek advice from a dermatologist.

Step 2: Research, Locate & Purchase Skin Care Products

Now that you know your skin type, it is time to research the top skin care products in Malaysia. It is important to research these products in order to educate yourself on the possible side effects, the ingredients used and the experiences other persons have had with them. From this, you can do the process of elimination to find the best skin care product line for your skin. If you are unsure, it is recommended you seek advice from a dermatologist who will likely prescribe or advise you on the best skin care products in Malaysia.

Step 3: Develop Skincare Routine

Now that you’ve purchased your products, it is time to develop a skincare routine. Your routine is how you apply the products throughout the day, at what time, and in what proportions. One popular skincare routine is using a cleanser, toner, serum, moisturizer, and sunscreen in the morning and cleanser, toner, acne or spot treatment and night cream at night. Other skincare products such as eye creams, facial oils, etc may also be applied during the nighttime. Moisturizers and toners are highly recommended for those with dry skin, but those with oily skin should not exempt from using a moisturizer as well. Simply find a moisturizer that suits your skin type.

Step 4: Stick to it!

You’ve determined your skin type, purchased your products and developed a skincare routine. Your job is to stick to it and watch your skin flourish. This will not happen overnight and that is why it is important to dedicate yourself to this routine and avoid missing any morning or evening cycle. These tips, combined with a healthy, balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle will help you to put your best skin forward.