Things To Consider When Building Up Your Skin Care Routine

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Building your skin care routine is like experimenting during your old days in chemistry class. With so many products for skin care in Malaysia, selecting a product that best fits your skin is definitely by trial and error. Why? Because you have to try a handful of them before you finally find the most suitable one for you. With all these skincare products in the market, each with different functions, it might be a bit confusing for beginners to choose what really suits their needs best.

Here are some tips that can help you get through the initial steps of choosing products to start building up your skincare routine.

Know your skin

The key to making the most out of your chosen skin care product is to know your skin—its type, condition, which areas are most problematic, etc. You have to begin from there. This is the most important and crucial part when you are about to build your skin care regimen. Because if you know your skin, you can find the proper products that target your needs and problems.

Do your research

Before going straight to the mall, pharmacy or skin care salon, do your research first. There are lots of skin care product reviews available on the internet for you to read. Research a couple of brands or variants per category and write down notes. After doing an extensive research, review them all and eventually, you will come up with a decision. Just remember to always prioritize your skin type and which specific condition you want to target or improve.

Try and try

As mentioned above, building your skincare regimen is mostly based on a trial and error basis. It is hard to find a skincare product that exactly matches your skin type in one try. Sometimes, you may experience purging, or to be clearer, the reaction in which your skin adjusts to the chemicals being applied onto the face. In purging, you might experience some acne’s here and there, but that just means that that specific product is working. However, if your skin reacts very strongly and badly to the product, avoid using the product. You can also seek advice from a dermatologist about the reaction.

Check the ingredients

Another point you must consider when selecting a skincare product is the ingredients that it contain. You should check whether they contain something that you may be allergic to, or may cause adverse reactions on your skin. Carefully scan each ingredient on the packaging and determine if that particular brand or product suits you best.

As you’ve come to read some of the tips for building your routine, you might be thinking that the process is such a tedious one. However, at the end of the day, you will definitely benefit from it. Follow your skin care routine religiously and after a few weeks or so, you can definitely see the difference. As long as you use the right product, you can enjoy the benefits of following a particular routine.