Things You Did Not Know Will Irritate Your Skin

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You are most likely aware that some of your habits have an effect on your skin- things like washing your face regularly or slathering on sunscreen before going outside. However, there are those surprising things you might not have known that can irritate your skin. This is because some of these things are not even connected with what you put on or wash your skin with.

It may feel like achieving a good skin is almost impossible. You eat the right diet, take off your makeup every night and steer clear of alcohol. In spite of your apparently ideal beauty rituals, many other external factors may cause your skin to itch or dry out. Sometimes they are so sneaky that you can’t even see the connection they have with your skin’s health.

Protect your skin by learning about these lesser-known hazards that may cause you to experience itchy and miserable skin.

Your pillowcase

This might seem unrelated but think about the fact that your face spends about eight hours pressed tightly on your pillow. For those who don’t change their pillowcases regularly, you are simply lying on gathered dust, dead skin cells, and bacteria.

Things like pillowcases and towels are definitely some of the main sources of bacteria. Your face comes into repeated contact with the towel or pillowcase usually not cleaned between use, causing it to be a source of bacterial infection.

Besides washing and changing your pillowcases more regularly, look for a silk pillowcase, which not only feels softer against your skin but also minimises friction that may irritate your skin and cause fine lines or wrinkles.

Mobile phone use

Since you regularly touch your phone, place it down everywhere and even allow other people to touch it, all these actions attract bacteria. Continued use of your dirty device without cleaning it can cause breakouts, particularly along the cheek and jawline. A good practice is to clean your handset device everyday with an antibacterial wipe.

Citrus and UV rays

Relaxing at the pool and catching some sunlight while sipping a glass of lemonade or margarita can cause you skin irritation. The blend of dangerous ultraviolet rays and continued exposure to citrus found in these drinks can result in a condition characterised by red, itchy skin that is darker in some areas.

Spicy foods

A few of the plants found in spicy foods, such as chilli peppers contain elements that could cause skin irritation. When preparing any spicy food, put on gloves to avoid any irritation.

Driving without sunscreen

Almost everyone knows that they should apply sunscreen when heading outside. But should you also apply sunscreen when driving? The answer is a resounding yes. This is because exposure to UV rays still happens when you are in direct sight of the sun, notwithstanding your car’s windscreen or side windows.


You probably know that physical and psychological exhaustion can lead to a myriad of issues including weight and hair loss and poor appetite. Aside from those common issues, stress may also cause skin irritation. Increased production of cortisol because of stress leads to a spike in insulin surge, upsetting hormone balance and causing uneven complexion, acne and larger pores. Take a few minutes every day to relax and meditate, in addition to using the best skin care products in Malaysia.

In closing

With the above-mentioned information, you are better placed to keep your skin healthy and glowing without knowingly irritating it.

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