Top 5 Skin Care Myths: Debunked!

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With a lot of information about skin care circulating around the internet, it is hard to tell which are facts and which are not! The information presented from various sources can be hard to distinguish if they are effective or not. Protect your skin by doing research and learning about a few good stuff about the different skin care myths for a clearer and better-looking complexion!

Check out the top five skin care myths being debunked below!

Myth: Over-cleansing your face is the key to a clear, glowing complexion.
DEBUNKED: False! Cleansing your face more than twice per day is doing you more harm than good. Excess cleansing leaves your face tight, dry, and stripped of its natural oils. The drier your skin has become, the more it gets irritated and dehydrated causing it to flake and feel taut.

Myth: Greasy foods and chocolates cause breakouts
DEBUNKED: False! While this myth has been circulating for countless years now, greasy foods actually do not cause breakouts or formation of acne. Studies show that chocolate or greasy foods do not contribute to the formation of acne, but rather they are often associated with one another because you tend to eat more sweets when you are under stress. Since stress causes hormonal imbalance, breaking out is most common. The actual cause of acne is food that is high in carbohydrates and dairy. So if you want to avoid the acne, limit your intake of food rich in dairy and carbohydrates.

Myth: Higher SPF, longer sun exposure
DEBUNKED: Not true at all! SPF does not give you the right to bask longer under the sun. Regardless of how powerful your sunblock is and the amount of SPF it contains, it should not be an indication of how long you can stay under the sun’s damaging heat!

Myth: Use skin care products from the same line for better results
DEBUNKED: False! There are no rules when it comes to using skin care products. Sure, a certain brand or line may have the whole range of Malaysia’s top 10 skin care products some can also be an effective acne scar treatment option, but you can use different products from different brands! What you want to do instead is to stick to only the best skin care products in malaysia that target a specific area that you want to resolve. For example, choose an anti-acne cleanser coupled with a hydrating, non-comedogenic toner for better and effective results. Remember, products do not have to to be from the same brand to be effective, but it is a matter of how you do your own cocktail by mixing and matching products.

Myth: Exfoliation frequently prevents breakout
DEBUNKED: Not true and totally damaging to the skin! While it is good to exfoliate every once in a while to get rid of dead skin cells, overdoing it is very harmful to the skin. Excessive exfoliation dries the skin out and gets rid of its natural oils leaving you with a taut and tight surface. Exfoliating at least once a week is more than enough to keep everything at bay and maintain a glowing and clearer complexion.

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