Types of Food that Triggers Acne – What to Avoid

Ingestion of some type of foods can lead to the trigger of an acne breakout and in some cases, make an existing mild acne condition worse. These foods often contain high levels of sugar and refined curbs that increase the production of oils in the skin. No matter how much you invest in your skin care routine with the top skin care products in Malaysia, you will not be able to obtain a healthy skin if you do not abstain from these triggering food.

There are different types of food that may aggravate acne breakouts. Foods that cause more oil production in the body should be avoided in case of an acne breakout. Below are trigger foods that may cause an acne breakout. People who indulge in foods that are high in sugars and protein tend to have a worse case of acne when compared to people who consume a diet rich in fresh foods like fruits and vegetables.


Chocolates ordinarily have high sugar content as well as a high percentage of fats. These two agents will lead to the increase of sebum production under the skin and therefore trigger a breakout or make an existing breakout worse.

Cheese and Diary

Studies have shown that the intake of cheese and any dairy products will give rise to the production of insulin in the body. Insulin produces excess sugars in the body which is a hormone that can easily trigger acne or make existing acne on the skin worse.

Spicy Foods

Spicy foods have also been known to cause breakouts on the skin. Spicy foods include foods that have got a high content in peppers. These trigger hormones that enlarge oil glands under the skin thereby giving rise to the production of excess oils.

Saturated Fats

Foods with saturated fats include burgers, french fries and fried chicken. In the search for clear skin, it is important to stay clear of these foods. Saturated fats are known to trigger growth hormones that make acne breakouts worse and in most cases, trigger a break out on clear skin.

Refined Carbohydrates

The type of foods that fall in this category are processed foods that include but are not limited to cookies, pretzels, white bread and muffins among others. These foods contain a high content in refined curbs and added sugar. These factors trigger the production of the insulin hormone in the body as well, therefore causing breakouts.

Potato Chips

This is one of the leading junk foods all over the world. As much as potato chips are delicious and has a high satiety value, they are a big factor in the contribution of breakouts on the skin. Potato chips contain refined curbs that trigger insulin hormones. They are also fried in nasty oils that are in no way good for the skin and to top it all, they lack any vitamins that will benefit the body.

There are other foods that may cause an acne breakout and the best way is to avoid them if you want a clear skin. Coupled with the use of the top skin care products in Malaysia, you can work your way towards having an acne-free skin by avoiding these triggering food and sticking to a healthy lifestyle.

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