Warning Signs You Should Note When Using New Products

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We understand the joy and excitement of trying out a new skincare product. The excitement doubles when a particular product is being raved over the internet by skincare enthusiasts and gurus that include them in articles and lists such as top 10 skin care products in malaysia. However, you have to be careful when trying out new skincare products, due to the possible reactions your skin may have.

One of the safest methods to try out a product putting your skin at risk is to do a patch test. Patch testing means applying a small amount of product in a concealed area of your body or face to check if irritation will occur.

Furthermore, introducing multiple new products to your skin is ill-advised, as it becomes difficult to figure out which product is irritating. By applying new products one at a time, you will be able to discern the products that are suited to your skin.

These are some warning signs you should be aware of when you are incorporating a new skincare product into your routine:

Itchy Skin
Itchiness is the most common tell-tale sign that a skincare product is unsuitable for your skin. There may be chemicals within the particular product that reacts negatively with your skin and may trigger allergies or other worse health conditions.

Tight Skin
Tightening of skin after using a new product should raise a red flag as it is a symptom of dehydration. Such reactions are a result of using new types of cleansers that remove natural oils from the skin and are therefore not suitable for use.

Peeling Skin
Unexpected peeling that is not induced by a difference in climate or weather is a sign to stop using a new skincare product. The product may contain agents that are too harsh for your skin, causing it to become irritated and dry.

Small Bumps
Clogged pores appear as small bumpy areas on your skin and are caused by products with formulas that are too heavy for the skin. Instead, you should look out for products that are labelled as “non-comedogenic” as they will not contain harmful ingredients that may block your pores and damage your skin.

Breaking Out
If you suddenly break out or see an unexpected increase in breakouts, it could signal the unsuitability of a new product. Breakouts can be a sign of purging as your skin adjusts to the new chemicals. However, if they persist and rising in frequency, you should avoid using the particular product and grant a period of rest for your skin.

Skincare is trial and error. It may take some time to find what products work best for your skin. When using various products, you should be careful, to prevent and minimise damage to the skin.

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