Ways to Brighten up Your Dull Complexion

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Everyone wants their best face on display. A bright, radiant complexion is generally though to indicate good health and a happy individual. On the other hand, a dull complexion might imply that you are exhausted, ailing or even older than your real age.

Apart from your skin being the largest body organ, it serves as a key indicator of your general physical health. You may wonder why you have such tired looking skin despite your young age. Well, late nights, poor diet and a hectic lifestyle can take a huge toll on your complexion.

If you have a pale complexion, don’t despair. Of course, it’s difficult to feel confident about swallow skin, but a radiant complexion is achievable. Just turn away from the mirror and get down to work to restore a radiant and more youthful blush to your face.

To achieve a radiant complexion, you’ll need to make a raft of changes with regards to your diet, lifestyle as well as skin care habits.

Reduce your alcohol consumption 

Consuming alcohol in moderation may not necessarily be unhealthy for your body, it may cause skin dehydration and eventually a dull skin tone. Moreover, it can also accelerate blood circulation to the skin’s surface, leading to a flushed appearance. If you cannot quit drinking but want to avoid the effects of alcohol on your skin, always sip on water while drinking alcohol. Furthermore, keeping your alcohol consumption low will go a long way in achieving healthy skin.

The right diet

The food you eat actually affects your skin’s health and appearance. Make sure your diet is rich in fatty acid foods such as fish, flax seeds, salmon, and walnuts. Consumption of fatty acids boosts your skin’s health because they enhance the production of collagen and new skin cells underneath the surface of the skin. It’s like nourishing your skin from inside. As a result, the aging process is significantly slowed.

Consuming foods high in antioxidants, like dark chocolate helps counteract skin inflammation and make your skin more elastic. Vitamin C is another nutrient-rich antioxidant that slows down the signs of ageing besides acting as a skin-brightening agent. Drinking orange juice, rich in vitamin C, is encouraged. Plus, don’t forget to eat foods rich in probiotics since a healthier gut translates into healthier skin.

Exfoliate your skin

The best way to remove dead skin is exfoliation. Forget about using a moisturiser to get rid of dead skin because that ashy, dull skin will return once the moisturiser wears off. The solution to removing dead skin and achieving a brighter complexion is exfoliation. So how can you exfoliate your skin? Well, you can softly exfoliate using a washcloth, an exfoliating scrub or cleanser, or a skin cleansing brush.

In terms of regularity, exfoliate the skin on your face and body at least once or twice a week. Regular exfoliation means you are consistently removing the dead skin and allowing new skin cells to reach your skin’s surface, which is an important step towards attaining a brighter skin tone.

Apply makeup

While glowing skin certainly originates from inside, there’s no danger in applying a little makeup to brighten your complexion. The caveat is to use only skin-friendly products. Avoid bogging your skin down with heavy liquid foundations that restrict your skin’s natural radiance. Alternatively, apply mineral makeup for a healthy, radiant look.


Facial massage helps to improve overall blood circulation. Before the massage, wash your skin and remove any makeup. Use a massaging oil or cream to massage your face in the morning or evening. Facial massage minimises unsightly fleshiness, stiffens the tissues and muscles and boosts blood circulation vital for a brighter skin.


Does your skin look tired and lacklustre and you don’t know what to do about it? Try these skin care tips mentioned above for brighter-looking skin. Alternatively, Malaysia’s skin care centres can help you get started if you are really unsure.

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