What Everybody Should Know About Acne Prone Skin

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Unfortunately, acne prone skin is not only found in teenagers. If you don’t have acne prone skin, a close friend or relative could be vulnerable to these irritating breakouts.

Below are some rules for skin care to avoid breakouts and scarring. You can pass the word to family or friends who have oily skin and help them take good care of their skin. Skin care is more than simply using the best skin care products in Malaysia.

Here’s what everybody should know about acne prone skin.


Deep cleaning of oily skin sounds like a perfect plan for anyone with oily skin. Nothing works better than using a powerful antibacterial cleaner to thoroughly wash off all the trapped oils and dust from your oily skin.


Several “powerful cleansers” in the market contain ingredients that are harsh on your skin and could cause more harm than good. Moreover, harsh cleansers can strip-off the natural protective barrier from your skin leaving it more susceptible to bacterial attack. Besides, soap is known to over dry the skin, which in turn triggers the oil producing glands on your skin to go into overdrive.

Try working with clean water only and where the need arises, use a gentle cleanser with anti-inflammatory properties to help soothe any inflammation.


We’ve mentioned soap as a known culprit which over dries the skin. It is not the only one.

Many remedies for treating acne-prone skin are often super drying which triggers excessive oil production by the sebaceous glands. Alcohol-based cleansers are a good example of “acne remedies” that cause the skin to over dry.

You can try oil-free products that don’t clog up your pores and moisturise immediately after washing to optimise absorption into your skin.


Another popular solution for acne prone skin is by scrubbing, to remove all the dead skin from the surface and open the pores. However, acne prone skin is more sensitive than other ordinary skin. Anything more than a gentle rub to aid exfoliation could turn out too rough and result in breakouts.

Massage your face gently using your finger-tips when cleaning and avoid abrasive products, ingredients or activity such as rubbing with a dry towel; rather, pat-dry your skin.

Be Particular on Makeup and Your Makeup Instruments

Makeup is almost unavoidable in today’s society. The positive impact of makeup on our confidence and self-esteem is undeniable. When your skin starts to act up, you can quickly reach out for a concealer and foundation. For those with acne-prone skin, favour mineral-based cosmetics. They can absorb excess oil while avoiding blocking up pores, an excellent solution for acne-prone skin.

Also, you have to be particular with the tools you use to apply makeup. Makeup tools can be good hideouts for bacteria and dirt if not frequently cleaned. Wash your brushes and powder puffs at least once a week and increase cleaning frequency with increased usage.

Keep Your Hands off

Keep your hands, more specifically the fingernails, off your face. The last thing acne-prone skin needs is an additional dose of bacteria from your dirty hands.

Also, resist the urge to squeeze or puncture pimples, it irritates and aggravates breakouts. What’s worse, you can multiply infections and further complicate other skin conditions.

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