What You Can Do To Reclaim Your Youthful Skin

Everyone is in the challenge of self-improvement. Everyone wants to look perfect and maintain the youthful look for as long as possible. Like most physiological phenomena, skin ageing is also due to many different things. Only 20 percent of skin ageing cases is due to genetics; the rest of the cases are due to external causes. You can try out several methods and understand which is the best approach for your skin. From there, you can start your journey towards achieving your dream skin.

If you do not like the reflection on your mirror or you are wondering where you went wrong when dealing with your skin, there is still hope. I know most us see a face that has completely changed and does not look young as it was before. Well relax; there are numerous ways for achieving that youthful. Below are different options that will help you reclaim your youthful skin, and boost your confidence and self-esteem.

Have Enough Sleep

Having an adequate sleep is the simplest and most effective way of making yourself look younger compared to other methods. Fatigue makes you look older and haggard. To get enough sleep you can consider eating three or four hours before bedtime, exercising adequately and lastly, stop consuming caffeine eight hours before retiring to bed.

Take Good Care of Your Skin

The key to looking younger is by properly taking care of your skin. For instance, protect your skin from damage caused by the sun by wearing hats and sunscreen while outside the house, not sleeping with your makeup on, using a gentle cleanser to wash your face daily, applying a retinol cream at night and moisturising your skin every morning. Make use of recommended skin care products as part of your skincare regime as well. These beauty products will help your skin remain beautiful and improve the appearance of skin. Buy them from reputable vendors to ensure you get original products.

Wear less Makeup

Heavy makeup accentuates your wrinkles and fine lines instead of covering them. For example, powder and thick foundation makes the lines of your face more prominent since they stick out. The first step to looking younger is by changing your makeup habits.

Use Dermal Fillers

You can also use dermal fillers help you restore a younger shape. These fillers can plump up your cheeks, reduce the occurrence of thick lines around your nose and mouth and make your lips fuller. The outcome is instant and can last up to one year.

Avoid Weight Fluctuations

Adding weight can help your skin look plumper but causes your body to increase the level of insulin and cortisol; a hormone, which helps in the breaking down of collagen. Adding weight will cause sagging making you look old. Moreover, continuous increase and a decrease in weight damages skin elasticity and cause stretch marks and jowls. Work towards maintaining a suitable weight and avoid fluctuations.

Facelift Surgery

This procedure involves doing away with wrinkled skin and tightening your face and neck tissues to curb the signs of premature ageing. Skin folds that usually develop across the forehead or nose can be reduced by brow lift. Skin revitalisation procedures such as microdermabrasion, matrix IR wrinkle reduction, skin tightening, HydraFacial’s, IPL photo rejuvenation and chemical peels are all efficient. But this, combined with surgical methods gives excellent results.

In achieving the most significant results, it is effective to use both surgical and non-surgical procedures for a youthful look. Using injectable treatments and being health conscious will help in retaining your youthful look by reducing the ageing signs. To maintain your youthful radiance, you can consider trying out the top ten skin care products in Malaysia to reclaim your youthful skin. Together with the tips suggested above, you will get to enjoy the results of your effort in time to come.


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